Lucy Harding - Chief Operations Officer

Lucy Harding - Chief Operations Officer

Lucy Harding has led adventure travel holidays in over 30 different countries including the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Americas as well as all over Europe. 

She led and managed overseas tours over a 10 year period with the UK’s leading adventure tour operator, Explore.

She has the operational and managerial experience of recruiting, training and supporting tour leaders for their postings abroad to deliver an excellent holiday experience. 

Lucy has extensive practical and cultural knowledge combined with travel industry experience and expertise.

As well as relishing the challenge of solving logistical problems, Lucy also loves looking after her young children and cooking, camping and swimming in outdoor pools. 

Lucy is available from Tuesday to Friday and can be contacted at the office or on her mobile 07736 428861or by email at

Wilf and Aileen

“It made me feel more like a human being again. It has opened new doors to friendship.” Wilf & Aileen

“We were with people who understood. I could relax and enjoy being looked after too. I had nothing to organise. Brian felt relaxed. Everything was high quality.” Brian & Rachel

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