Can you help Larry make this residential event happen?

Dear Colleagues,

We are raising money for our expenses so that we can run a residential workshop. Our goal is to produce and disseminate learning materials about living with dementia. If you click this link then you can pledge your support. Three personal pledges have been received already toward our target for expenses which is £250.00.

Please feel free to tell all your friends and family that they can become our supporters too. Any contribution would be welcome. This fundraising effort is just to raise the money to cover expenses for participants travelling from all over the UK to a central location.

We would like to retain the services of a facilitator and organiser from Dementia Adventure who were key to the success of our previous residential event. Please also consider promoting this event to organisations or individuals who might be able to help us find the funding. We estimate the total cost of the residential event and the production of materials will be in the order of £2,500.00.

Your support really is appreciated,

Larry Gardiner

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