Isle of Man Adventure video now online

This video is about our recent adventure with people living with dementia and their partners on the Isle of Man. John – one of the men living with dementia – described the trip as an “Extended family adventure”, as we took our small children with us as well as being supported by several staff and volunteers.


We stayed at the Joey Dunlop Foundation’s Braddan Bridge House which was ideally equipped with easily accessible bedrooms and bathrooms, and sitting/kitchen areas. Our guide, Trevor Gibbs, and our driver, Dave, made the trip great through their local expertise and unfailing good humour. The group was supported by Jesse Reed, Dementia Adventure’s new tourleader and greatest volunteer, who did everything from child-minding to cooking breakfast.

The itinerary took in some of the best things the Isle of Man had to offer, a boat trip, a drive over the TT course, steam trains, the Laxey wheel and the mountain railway.


The three couples we took commented that the activities were varied and interesting, and that they particularly enjoyed the friendliness of the group, as well as feeling that the people organising it knew what they were doing! They loved the meals out and having a complete break from all their everyday concerns as well as not having to worry about tickets, parking and everything else that is usually a stress on holiday.


They all agreed they couldn’t have done it without the support and that it was worth doing! Dementia Adventure are hoping that many more people living with dementia will see this film and come and find out more about the possibility of visiting the island themselves.

Please call 01245 230661 to find out more.

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