From time to time we put on special events which bring together people from green-space, health & social care and voluntary & community groups.

If you would like us to come to your area/company/organisation to host an event aimed at bringing together green-space and care organisations, please get in touch. 

Dementia Adventure is frequently asked to share our work at local, regional, national, and sometimes international events. We have a small team of staff and volunteers led by Neil Mapes who are available to come and speak at events and share information for a reasonable fee.  

To book Neil Mapes or another member of the team as an inspirational speaker at your event please call us on 01245 237548

"You showed your [green exercise] film at an event back in 2009 and it had a profound effect on me. I had a stroke a few months earlier and I was finding it hard to come to terms with but somehow your film managed to tap into these emotions and the importance of connecting with nature for good mental health. We have since moved to be closer to the countryside and our family. The irony is that my mum has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Being closer to them means that I can offer more support. I find it interesting that you have had such an impact on my life without knowing it. Being true to who we are and what we believe can help to make the world a better place even if we don't always realise our role in it."

“A powerful communicator whether one-to-one or for large key note presentations, Neil has always had an ability to communicate complex situations and information with ease and clarity. His intuition, intellect, and strong personal drive combined with his relaxed and open way with people and natural optimism make him the right choice for any group wanting a quality facilitator.”
(Mark Watkins)

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