Thinking Differently About Dementia

Thinking Differently About Dementia is a 3 hour session that considers several key issues: What is dementia? What it means to the individual. How can people live well with dementia? How can dementia affect communication and interaction? 

We explore three simple yet effective research based models of how to effectively interact and communicate with people living with dementia, consider how dementia may affect the senses and perception, and review some of the difficulties that may be experienced. We also look at possible solutions to support and adapt the environment. Additionally, we share how our Dementia Adventure activities and holidays have created opportunities for various physical and outdoor activity and how positive risk taking can benefit the individual.

There is a question and answer session at the end and we explore what dementia support and activity services are available locally, together with resources for further learning and development.

These seminars are well suited to a range of organisations and individuals such as care home groups and individual family carers.

TO BOOK A THINKING DIFFERENTLY ABOUT DEMENTIA SESSION or for more information about the services we can offer, please call Simon Thorp on 01245 237548 or email

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